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Dicipleship For A New Era

Are You Ready to be Equipped and Trained For The New Era of Kingdom Reformation?  Join Our Upcoming Discipleship & Mentoring Course launching Monday April 6 2020!

Walking With God Mentoring & Discipleship Courses

Join me for 9 week discipleship and mentoring course designed to cultivate Kingdom Culture in your life through intensive monthly zoom calls and weekly conference calls. These classes will be geared to assist your growth and development to see the kingdom manifest into every sphere of influence you are assignment.  Whether it is ministry to the family, church, or market place we will equip you to bring the kingdom. 

What Will the Mentorship Consist?

The basis of the course will be my book Walking with God: Repairing the Breach and Restoring the Ancient Path of Discipleship. It will be an expanded version that goes deep than the book and will only be available through this mentorship and discipleship course. It will be geared to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. The work of the ministry is for all believers not just leaders, it is the assignment of leaders to equip the body to learn how to disciple nations.

Is There A Cost?

  • The cost of the mentorship and discipleship is $30 a month which will include a 1 ½ to 2 hour monthly zoom call with teaching material only available in this course.
  • Covers the creation of curriculum uniquely designed for this course.
  • Access to online group for community, fellowship, encouragement and teaching blogs.
  • Access to one on one or couple consultation for ministry or business.
  • Become a monthly partner for $25 or more and receive the mentoring and discipleship class for free.

Join me for weekly mentorship and quarterly weekend intensives meant to be a resource and a place of community starting Monday April 6th. Whether you are a leader or emerging leader in the church, market place or your home, these classes will assist you to walk in the fullness of your assignment.  To inquire please send an email to [email protected]

Weekly  Gatherings at The Gathering Kingdom Center in Arlington, TX

New Book: Walking With God: Repairing The Breach & Restoring The Ancient Path of Discipleship..Available on Amazon.

Join Our Weekly Podcast Channel "Keys to Walking In Kingdom Culture" every Monday morning on Charisma Podcast Network, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, or Googleplay as we continue to prepare a generation for reformation and the coming of the Lord Jesus through weekly equipping as well as addressing real issues.  Follow the link at